Our milk truck is a 1965 DIVCO milk truck. We purchased it in Florida on an impulse over the phone at a classic car auction. We managed to save her from a questionable fate, transported her here to Barrie and brought it to Radical Rods, Rides and Restoration www.roadrumble.com. Once in the shop it underwent several modifications, including the removal of several tonnes of steel from the walls, ceiling, and back door. The guys even found some bullet holes in the side panels! The floor was dropped, which required custom fabrication, the window cut, and crisp white panels and lighting added. The mechanical was another story. Although the power train (motor-small block chevy) and steering had all been updated, it was put together in disastrous proportions! The poor guys at the shop had a "fun" time taking everything apart and putting it back together again.

My StepDad is a very talented and giving individual, who has helped out in more ways than I can count. One of those being the completion of the plumbing, electrical, and several modifications to the generator (a thorn in any food truck owners backside)!

I have been very blessed to have several people in my life who love and care deeply about me and my well being, because I have had lots of help and support throughout this endeavour. My mother helps me immensely with duties both on and off the truck, and my husband has been there for moral support and encouragement. If only my father could see me now, he would either be turning over in his grave, or doing back flips in heaven!

I love my little truck, and I love what I do. It is sometimes the simple things in life that give us great joy! What person big or small doesn't enjoy having something as delicious as Italian ice cream from something so cool as a retro milk truck? Our lives are so busy that its nice to slow down, enjoy and savour those sweet moments that we have with our family and friends.

Video compilation of truck customization coming soon!